Van Alstyne Needs Volunteer Firefighters

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02-14-07 They help save lives, and put out fires. Now the Van Alstyne Fire Department needs your help. They are looking for volunteers to join their force, which the chief says is getting dangerously low.

Van Alstyne currently has only 7 full-time firefighters. Chief Mario Moreno says in order to safely serve the community, his department is in desparate need of volunteers.

The force is comprised of full-time, part-time, and volunteer staff. With population growth in Van Alstyne, Moreno says they need more firefighters, but they're having a hard time filling the volunteer spots.

Moreno is pitching a campaign to encourage citizens to answer the call.

"Basically we're trying to prepare for the future and volunteers help to fill that need for manpower and want to do that to serve their community."

Van Alstyne Firefighters will hold an open house March 2nd.

Anyone who is looking to become a volunteer firefighter can come out and learn more about what it takes.

The department only has five volunteer firefighters, but are looking to add about six more to the roster.