Indictment In Cold Case

1-16-04 - It has been almost 2 decades since an 8 year old Celina girl was strangled to death, but finally a break in a cold case. Today an indictment has been handed down for the girl's uncle.
Maria Angela Comacho was found dead in 1985. Her lifeless body was found in a creek bed behind a football field in Celina. Comacho's case was reopened last month.
Friday the Collin County District Attorneys Office announced the indictment of 38 year old Jose Leos Sosa for the murder. Sosa was Marias' uncle. In a written statement, the Comacho family says "this is by no means a joyful day for the family, but does bring them closure and relief". But the accused killer remains free.
Sosa is a Mexican citizen currently living in Monterrey. It is up to the Mexican government to decide if Sosa will be extradited. Sosa was a suspect in the original investigation. His indictment came after the D.A.'s office reviewed new and old evidence.