GCC Coping With Tragedy

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The president of Grayson County College, Alan Scheibmeir, says the entire college community is in total disbelief over the tragic death of freshman basketball player Mike Ndiribe.

International students at the college expressed their concerns for Ndiribe family. His mother lives in Austria, and officials say it has not been confirmed if she has received the devastating news.

School officials say Ndiribe collapsed in the locker room Wednesday night during halftime of the Vikings' basketball game against Hill College in Hillsboro.

Scheibmeir said it was unknown if Ndiribe had any medical conditions or if he was taking any medications that could have caused the collapse.

After many attempts to revive Ndiribe school officials say Ndiribe died at Hillsboro Hospital.

An autopsy has been conducted, and doctors are now working on a toxicology report to determine the cause of death.

Scheibmeir says counselors have been meeting with students all day and that his coach was at the hospital when Ndiribe died.

Students are planning a memorial for Ndiribe scheduled for 2 p.m. Monday.