Sherman Firefighters Honored

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02-15-07 Sherman Firefighters were honored Thursday afternoon with promotions, and for hard work battling an apartment fire. Sherman Fire

Chief Jeff Jones promoted four members of the force and honored three firefighters for their work battling an apartment fire in January.

The three men went inside an apartment on fire and pulled an elderly woman out to safety. The woman died 10 days later, but Jones said their heroic efforts kept her alive the night of the fire.

"They really put their life on the line that night," Jones said. "They went into a burning apartment, went through the fire to rescue her, carried her over their shoulders like we all dream of fireman doing and carried her out of that apartment."

Engineers Rick Bullock and Chris Olson, and firefighter Mason Beaver were honored for their efforts in the January fire.

Lt. Dale Tilley, engineer Glenn McIntire, engineer Brian 'Matt' Sutton, and firefighter Kevin Johnson were promoted Thursday.