Television Show Filmed in Texoma

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02-15-07 It's not everyday that Texoma gets placed in the national spotlight, but Hollywood is setting up in Pottsboro. The second season of the hit Fox show Prison Break is being filmed in North Texas, and producers selected the wooded areas around the High Port marina as a back drop.


It's not Hollywood, it's Lake Texoma, and High Port Marina. It's home for at least a couple of days to the hit Fox show, Prison Break.

"if you're familiar with the show, we go all over the country and we have reacreated the entire county right here in North Texas," said Josh Clark, the key assistant location manager of Prison Break.

All in all, the crews love North Texas. There's just one problem. The scene is supposed to take place in a tropical location...with below freezing weather and snow flurries.

"you can just hopefully use it to your advantage and insert some of the bitterness of it there," said Paul Taylor, a Dallas actor.

Crews say over 100 people will invade Lake Texoma's shores over the next two days.

"The role is a recurring one and I have alreayd done two episodes so I dont know if i will be back up, but i think its great to have it back in Texas," said Taylor, a longtime Dallas stage actor.

Moving an entire cast, crew, and set, is not an easy task.

"It gets tough after awhile moving people, but we've been fortunate that we have been able to keep it close to where our production offices are,"

The folks here on the set say to make a 20 degree Lake Texoma into a tropical paradise, all it takes is a little movie magic.

"We go in and place some palms and make it more realistic and make it look a little more tropical."

Over the next two days the cast and crew hopes to film at least ten pages of their 50 page script for the episode. The episodes will culminate in some big surprises.

"Oh yeah, theres a lot of surprises and its going to keep the audience in it," Clark said.

The episode filmed this week will air in about 4-5 weeks.

Prison Break airs every Monday night at 7pm on Fox Texoma.