Big Lots Spells Job Growth in Durant

1-19-04 - The opening of a Durant industry is resulting in a trickle down affect for local businesses. Big lots distribution center has received its first shipment and it's clear the employer will create new jobs elsewhere in town.

Thirty people work at Big Lots right now and that number will grow to over 100 April. But that number may be doubled by other local businesses benefiting from the retailers opening.

The distribution center requires over 150 semi-trucks to supply 100 stores. Those trucks will be run by Hogan Transportation, receive maintenance from Sitton motor lines, and be fueled at Choctaw truck stops.

Sitton motor lines almost left Durant in 1996 because of slow business, but with the arrival of Big Lots and Cardinal Glass, the company is now thriving. In fact they're now looking to hire more mechanics and drivers. Big Lots says using local businesses for services, supplies, and materials is important to the company.

City leaders estimate that as many as 200 jobs will be created at other Durant businesses as a result of big lots opening.