Oklahoma Veterans Bill

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A bill in Oklahoma being proposed would allow veterans to vote from the comfort of their own home. State Representative Wes Hilliard authored House Bill 1429, which if passed would allow Oklahoma veterans the chance to vote without having to travel to the polls.

Current state laws allow absentee voting in nursing homes and other assisted living facilities but there are no provisions for places like the seven veterans homes a cross the state.

Hilliard is hopeful of the legislation.

""It actually came to me from a question my county election board secretary Rosa Thomas asked me and brought to my attention that they could not go in there currently. It does not cost the state anymore money because those boards already exist, and so we looked into it. Hopefully we will make it easier for our veterans to vote."

Oklahoma has over 1,400 retired or disabled veterans in veteran centers.

The bill passed without opposition last Wednesday in the House and is expected to be considered by the state Senate in the next few weeks.