Lake Texoma Lodge Future

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The blueprints for the new Lake Texoma Lodge in Marshall County were unveiled last night, which would turn the aging facility into a first class resort.

The developer of the new lodge, Pointe Vista Development, wants to bring in tourists from all over the nation, and employee Scott Fischer says they are excited about what the project means to the area.

"We've all heard Marshall County is losing Lake Texoma. That's not true."

Developers also say they envision a bridge over Highway 70 that will greet visitors as they roll in. Two hotels and conference centers will anchor the shoreline alongside a spa, nature center, tree canopy zip line, a jet capable airport, and two golf courses with affordable green fees.

There's even talk that county music star Toby Keith has plans to build a bar and grill on the shores as well.

A federal land provision is keeping the deal on hold. A clause in a land agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers says the 27 acres of shoreline must be used for a park or lodge or ownership goes back to the Corp of Engineers. Developers say the resort cannot be a success without the lake front property, but it will take an act of Congress to override the provision.

Developers are determined to make it happen. The Chamber of Commerce has organized a committee to address housing and retail shortages, and Kingston and Madill school administrators are thinking about growth.

Developers hope to take down the old lodge in June to make way for the new resort.