Renewed Hope for IBP in Sherman

1-21-04 - There is new hope for business to return to Sherman’s old Oscar Mayer plant. It comes more than 3 years after meat processor IBP bought the facility.

The sale happened in the summer of 2002, but shortly afterwards Tyson bought out IBP, and put the decision to move to Sherman on hold. But First News has learned SEDCO believes Tyson is close to a positive decision for the city. SEDCO’s John Boswell says “They continue to assure us that they have plans to use this facility. My hope is that something happens, like an announcement of some sort, by the end of the year." Experts estimate Tyson could bring up to 1,000 new jobs to the area.

Boswell also points out that local companies have been expanding; MEMC has added more than 80 jobs, TI has added 40 and Cooper B-line has added 60. "I think we're bringing the economy back one job at a time and I think people are excited about that," says Boswell. Meanwhile, city officials are awaiting word from Proctor and Gamble owned Folgers about the future of its Sunny Delight juice line.

P&G put the line up for sale last year, and should announced a buyer within 3 to 5 weeks. 80 jobs at the Sherman plant could hinge on the deal.