Reviving Downtown Ardmore

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Ardmore is looking to revive its downtown, and they are asking city commissioners to revert back to their roots by doubling the size of the historic district.

Ardmore today began at the depot and quickly spread westward. A hot spot of times past, members of the Historic Preservation Board are determined to bring it back.

When life revolved around the cotton industry, the area surrounding the Ardmore Depot was alive. Historians say Caddo Street was best known as 'Bloody Caddo,' complete with shootings, knifings, and outlaws.

An explosion in 1914 threatened the region, but the city lived on.

But modern day Ardmore makes those stories hard to believe. Members of the Historic Preservation Board want to change that.

They want to extend the historic district to encompass a 10 square block area, including East Broadway, the Depot, and the area formerly known as Bloody Caddo.

That means property owners would have to follow National Historic Preservation Board guidelines, and owners would have to receive approval from city leaders prior to altering their edifices'' facade.

The proposal could open doors to grants and tax credits, and some business owner in the current district are on board with the idea.

Supporters say a bigger district will be just as successful as Main Street has become, adding more restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment.