HPV Vaccine Debate Heats Up

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Doctors, public health experts, and cervical cancer survivors met in Austin on Monday to testify at a public hearing concerning Governor Rick Perry's anti-cancer vaccine mandate.

The bill would require all school age girls to receive the vaccine gardasil, which prevents the cervical cancer-causing human pappoloma virus.

Those for the vaccine say it's a preventative measure for cancer and one of the first of it's kind. Others argue it goes against the Texas Abstinence-Only Sex Education policies and that it strays too far into the lives of families.

Either way, medical professionals like Dr. Teresa A. Rockhill say all are at risk.

"What a lot of people don't realize is that cancer of the cervix, on the contrary to popular belief, will not have an inherited tendency and therefore you can't go solely on family history. Although the only proven mode is from sexually transmitted diseases, we do have enough case studies to show there are other modes of delivery besides sexual intercourse, and other modes than that."

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