Anna Car Accident Raises Concern

Traffic on highway five in Anna can get pretty messy, but after school it can get even messier. Parents like are worried that a bad accident is going to happen, one worse than Monday's that sent 11 people to the hospital; 10 of those high school students.

Officer Dan Howard of the Anna Police Department says the domino effect crash happened when a 17-year-old high school girl rear-ended three cars waiting to turn left at 4th street. She had five passengers in her Ford Escort, which is illegal in that size of car. None of them were wearing their seatbelts. Police are not exactly sure how the accident happened, but they do know the 17-year-old was not paying attention; and they say that is what's leading to more and more accidents involving young drivers.

The Texas Department of Transportation is taking a look into the 45-mile-an-hour speed limit through the town on HWY 5.

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