Location of Lone Grove Plant Still Under Debate

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City council members in Lone Grove are once again debating the future of the city's wastewater treatment plant. The city's current lagoon system no longer meets DEQ standards, and council members voted earlier this year to built a new enclosed plant.

Now they are debating where to build the new plant. The city owns ten acres of land near the Kinney Addition that would be ideal, but homeowners are against it, fearing a decrease in the value of their properties.

The other option is a 10-acre lot near the high school, but the city manager says the land lies against the gravitational flow, and in order to make it a viable location they would have to build a $500,000 lift station.

City council members will meet again tonight to again weigh the two options and then set a date for a public hearing.

The meeting is scheduled for 7:15 PM at the Lone Grove Municipal Building.

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