Lone Grove Wastewater Plant Meeting

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Lone Grove residents got the chance to voice their opinion about where the new water plant should be built at a meeting on Tuesday night.

The meeting was designed to weigh the two site options for the future wastewater treatment plant and set a date for public discussion. But members of the Kenny Addition were there to make sure council members felt their presence.

Some property owners say they feel the city has gone back on it's word, and they have worked hard to save enough money to build the homes of their dreams.

Lone Grove City Manager Marianne Elfert says they need to explore both sides and find the best solution.

The DEQ says the lagoon system has to go no matter what they do. And council members say building an enclosed wastewater system is the best investment. That leaves them two site options.

One site is located on 10 acres of land, owned by the city, next to the Kenny Addition. The second option is a lot next to the high school, which the City Manager says poses a problem because it lies uphill from most of the residents.

She says if that site is selected, gravitiational flow will cause a problem.
She says this site would require a 500,000 dollar lift station.

Elfert says it's her job to research the options and put them on the table and wants citizen input.

ON March 1st, Kenny Addition residents are set to spell out their concerns, once again, at a public hearing. They say they fought the issue decades ago, and they have no intention of letting up now.

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