Cats and Dogs Packed Inside Home

1-23-04 - Dozens of dogs and cats are discovered living inside a home, despite a judge’s order. The Grayson County health department raided the home on Woodlake Road near Denison on Thursday. Inside they found 31 dogs and 23 cats living in filth. First News has learned that neighbors had taken the 82 year old homeowner and her daughter to court 3 years ago for the same type of problem. A judge ruled in their favor, and ordered the home cleared of dogs and banned the owners from having animals again. But it appears that order was violated. A health department inspector said even though the animals were well fed and healthy, it was the worst case he’d ever seen. "Feces were everywhere. It was on the bed, on her clothes, just deplorable conditions. I can't describe it. You have to see it," said Ben Bardwell. Authorities raided the home after receiving a tip. Adult Protective Services is also investigating. The two could face charges from the court or state. The dogs and cats were taken to the animal shelter and are available for adoption.