Memories Taken Away

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An Ardmore woman mourning the loss of her husband is now mourning the loss of of a lifetime of memories. The art work her husband spent years collecting was stolen from their home.

The woman's husband was an art collector by trade. After he died last February, she packed up all his pieces and put them in the attic for safe keeping. When she went to retrieve them this week, the boxes were empty.

The woman, who does not want to be identified, had more than 200 valuable pieces of art stored in her attic in the 700 block of Northwest "E" Street. Police say the stolen artwork included mainly black and white etchings and engravings, worth more than $50,000 in all.

They don't have much evidence to go right now, and the vast time frame is a big factor. The woman says the burglary could have happened anytime over the course of a year. Now investigators like Detective Ryan Hunnicut of the Ardmore Police Department are playing catch-up.

"At this time we have one suspect...not a strong suspect."

The woman said she is deeply saddened by the chain of events.

Police say art work of this caliber is sure to turn up at private collectors'' shows, museums, or even on the Internet.

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