Vickers Executed; Confesses to Other Murders

1-28-04 - The state of Texas executed convicted killer Billy Frank Vickers Wednesday night in Huntsville for the 1993 slaying of a Lamar
County grocery store owner. 50 year old Phillip Kinslow was shot during a robbery that went wrong in Arthur City, north of Paris. In his last statement, Vickers expressed remorse for the slaying and then took credit for more than one dozen other killings. Vickers said "I wish to say to my family, I'm sorry for all the grief I've put you through." Vickers then said there were "several more that I had done or that I had been a part of, and I'm sorry but I am not sure how many. There must be a dozen or 14, I believe, all total." Vickers was the fourth Texas death row inmate to have his punishment carried out this year.