Fires Blaze Across Texoma

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Officials say it felt like it would never end. Fire after fire across all of Texoma. In Bryan County, fire departments from Achille to Yuba all worked around the clock to make sure nothing got out of control.

When one was controlled, another would spring up. It became a trend that seemed like would never end.

"With these winds going, its just a real dangerous situation," said Durant Fire Chief Steve Dow. "I am sure all the departments around Bryan county have been going all day."

And all of them worked together. Achille Fire Chief Dean Collins and his crew responded to a fire in Achille at around 3 this afternoon. It was the worst fire they have seen in Achille in over a year.

"Last year we had about 10,000 acres burn back in December right in this area," said Collins.

A couple of hours before, Calera fire fighters took care of a fire by the Platter Flats Recreation Area. Officials say that fire started by down power lines, but they couldn't rest, because a grass fire in Silo was threatening the school. Durant Chief Steve Dow says the winds didn't help out the effort.

"Well the humidity has dropped into the low 20's in the 20 percent range and when they get that low and you have high winds obviously the fuel level is down right now and its gonna spread a lot worse," said Dow.

Most fires in the county are now under control, but the work is far from being over.

"Quite a few fire department were on scene and its still under investigation right now," said Collins.

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