Ten Commandments Monument in Marshall County

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Once again the Ten Commandments are in the limelight, but this time for a reason that's not so controversial. Due to the efforts of a local couple, the stone monument has been erected in front of a county building.

The controversy surrounding the Ten Commandments has been visible in front of federal and county buildings, but citizens in Marshall County have seemed to embrace it.

Milford and Joyce Clement lost their son Noel on June 20, 2001. For the past six years they pondered on how to remember their beloved son.

Noel Clements was a radio personality. After two years on college, he returned to his hometown of Madill and worked for KMAD-FM, but you might remember him from for three years on KKAJ in Ardmore.

Approximately two months ago, Milford went to the Marshall County Commissioners' Office with the idea of the Ten Commandments in front of the courthouse.

He said they were excited about the idea and officials from the Commissioners' Office were able to approve it that same day.

After six years contemplating how to remember their son, Milford and Joyce finally had the answer.

"We just thought it was something we could remember him by. We just thought since other places were doing it we thought it was the time to get it done."

The monument was finally set in its place on February 1.

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