Colbert mayor accused of blackmail

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Colbert Mayor Randall Gorman is being accused of blackmail after council members say Gorman threatened to fire city employees if they did not help force another council member from office.

Gorman refuses to comment, but council member Michelle Weger is speaking out.

"The threat was made to Chief Polston, Robert Neal, and Shelly, director of EMS, to shut Richard Parrish and other council members up or make him resign or it would be there jobs."

Weger says conflict has been building between councilman Richard Parrish and Gorman and that threats have been made as far back as October.

In addition to those charges, accusations of financial impropriety have also been made against the mayor.

"I feel like this council, due to the fact we cannot see finances every month, is hiding something, something is very corrupt here."

Again Mayor Gorman has refused to comment on these allegations.

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