Resolution Against Proposed Plant

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Residents in Pottsboro voiced their concerns Monday night about a proposed asphalt plant in their area.

The Pottsboro City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution against the plant. City officials say their intent is to pressure Rushing Paving to choose another location for the plant.

Right now, Texas law does not allow counties with fewer than 350,000 people to zone property, which means Grayson County cannot legally halt construction of the plant.

Neither can Denison or Pottsboro, becuase the location is outside of both cities' limits. But local residents say they just want their opinions heard.

"What we're doing is we are expressing our rigghts under the law. Judge Bynum has said numerous times that this is America and we're allowed to do this, we're unhappy with something and we're gonna voice our concerns," said Pottsboro Mayor Frank Budra.

No one from Rushing Paving was at the meeting to comment.
On Wednesday, we will take a closer look at the debate over the proposed plant, and bring you comments on the issue from a TCEQ representative.

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