Denison Police investigating series of burglaries

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Authorities in Denison say they have identified two suspects involved in a weekend burglary and that other burglaries in Texoma could be connected. In three separate burglaries, spanning from Calera to Denison, authorities say it does not seem like there has been a pattern in the types of places burglarized, but they still have reason to believe the crimes are linked.

Andrews Distributing in Denison had several thousand dollars worth of items taken from their facilities, including beer kegs, four wheelers, and cash.

Investigators say a second burglary at a residence in Pottsboro, led them to where the suspects were believed to be staying. Officers found several stolen items there, including weapons.

Pottsboro Police say the recovered guns may have been taken from a pawn shop in Calera, possible linking the suspects to another burglary.

Lt. Mike Eppler of the Denison Police Department says their work on these crimes is just beginning.

"There's a lot of things we need to look at, people involved, the opportunity they have, all these things we look at and try and put the pieces together, and there's a lot of questions to answer."

Police say two men were taken in for questioning in these cases, but no arrests were made.

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