Fossil Future of Fannin County

2-2-04 - The controversy over the proposed Lake Ralph Hall in Fannin County now includes the future of a riverbed rich in fossils. The 11,000 acre lake is still just a proposal, but some worry that they won’t only lose their homes, but part of their history. Residents of the Ladonia area like Larry Braley have spent years collecting arrow heads, shark teeth, and other fossils from the North Sulphur River basin. Fossil hunters from all over the country have walked the shallow waters in hopes of discovering ancient treasures. Years of erosion have brought all sorts of fossilized animal bones and wood along with human artifacts like arrowheads into the river. But the lake could also bring economic relief to Ladonia in the form of tourist dollars. Lake Ralph Hall will provide water for Fannin, Denton, Dallas, and Collin counties. Construction could be a decade away.