Three Missing Cases in Same Southeast OK Area

2-3-04 - It is a missing persons cases times three in Pushmataha county that has gone unsolved for more than three years. All three men disappeared within 10 months of one another – all in the same area. You've probably heard the story of Jeffrey Ben, the 18 year old Antlers man who never came home from a Super Bowl party in January of 2001. Days later, his truck was found abandoned in the Kiamichi Moutains near Clayton. But two weeks later, another man, 25 year old Joey Keys was also reported missing. He was last seen in the Kiamichi Mountains, on the border of Latimer and Pushmataha counties. He hasn't been heard from since. But later that same year, in December, Darrell Hammon also vanished, once again in the same mountain range. The mysteries have baffled law enforcement, who say they have no evidence the disappearances are connected, but also no evidence they are not. The OSBI is also investigating all three cases but so far have no physical evidence on any of them.