Sherman to roll out residential bulk trash curbside pickup in October

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SHERMAN, TX -- The City of Sherman set to roll out a new service to residents by offering curbside pickup for large items that won't fit in the trash bin. Josh Stevenson has the details.

For Sherman residents getting rid of that old beat up couch has meant a trip to the dump, but starting in October those trips to TASWA could become a thing of the past. The City of Sherman will now be picking up bulk trash items curbside.

"Mattresses, couches, old water heaters and appliances,' explains Jeff Miller, director of public works for the City of Sherman.

Miller says that the bulk trash program is just one of several initiatives aimed at making Sherman a better place to live.

"We are always looking for services to provide our residents. This is just an additional free service that helps us manage the waste, makes it easier on the citizens and makes the city a lot cleaner," Miller said.

The program is a companion to the brush pickup program. Sherman residents' bulk trash will soon be picked up on the same day as the brush pickup. In fact, one of the reasons the bulk trash program is possible is because of the effectiveness and efficiency of the brush program.

"The trucks that we bought for the brush program are very effective to we thought we could expand on that to help the citizens,” said Miller.

There are a few rules to follow. For instance, no batteries, concrete, or roofing shingles will be accepted. The city asks that residents keep their brush piles and trash piles separate, that residents make sure there aren't any overhead obstacles where they place their items, and that all loose material is put in boxes or bags.

City employees hope that the bulk trash program can be as successful as the brush program has been.

"the brush program has been a great success we have collected 17 thousand cubic yards this year and saved in tipping fees 37 thousand dollars," solid waste superintendent Aubrey Henderson says.

Bulk trash pickup begins on the first Monday in October.

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