New School Bond Proposed in Ardmore

2-4-04 - The Ardmore school district is once again asking voters for more money, just two months after a bond issue failed by 100 votes. But this time, the controversial closing of two local schools isn't an option. The new bond issue is about 1/3 the amount of the $11 million bond proposed in November. This $4.3 million bond would pay for repairs in the High School and Middle School. It would also keep open the Lincoln and Franklin elementary schools, which would have been closed if the November bond had passed. If the new bond passes in April, it would help fix problems like the leaking high school roof as well as foundation problems. Updating heating and cooling systems at both locations is a priority along with new classrooms at the middle school. The district says if they take one issue at a time to the public, they feel they can get the 60 percent of the vote that is needed to pass the bond.