Little girl a big hero

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CELINA- A second-grade girl in Celina was honored today for saving her brother and herself from their burning home.

Ana Presa is only seven years old, and she's being called a hometown hero.

"They tell me I'm like a superstar and that I'm famous."

Famous because just two weeks ago Ana was home alone with her five-year-old brother, Johnathon, when flames shot from the back bedroom.

"We were watching TV...and the house just caught fire."

It was a terrifying moment for these two kids, but it was Ana's quick thinking that saved their lives. She knew to call 911.

Collin County 911
Can you help me? My house is burning. One of the beds is burning. Please help us.
You're saying your house is burning?
Yeah one of the beds is burning
Okay, are your mother and dad there?
No my mom is at work!
Okay can you get out of your house?
Yes ma'am
Okay get everyone out of the house..."

And that's exactly what Ana did, grabbing her little brother and running from the burning home that was filling with smoke and flames.

Ana says she learned all of this responsibility from a bunch of clowns.

Collin County Clowns, who tour local school districts, teach students fire safety. Ana learned just what to do months before, but when seconds mattered she remembered what sh had seen and heard in that program.

Jerry Duffield is the fire chief in Celina, and this morning he and the Collin County Fire Marshall were at Ana's school to make sure she received the recognition she deserves.

From the classroom to the real world, Chief Duffield says Ana's heroic efforts make her a prime example of how these programs work.

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