Colvert Building to be renovated in Ardmore

The City of Ardmore just received a grant to renovate an old building in downtown Ardmore, and they are planning to make it a new resource center.

The grant provided by Congress last year will allow the city to utilize the old Colvert Factory Building.

The Colvert Building has been vacant for more than thirty years, but thanks to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the city received the grant to help develop the building into a community resource center. Great news for a city striving to revitalize its downtown.

Not only will this building give Downtown Ardmore a facelift, it will provide a centralized location for many school services.

The $217,800 the city received is obviously not sufficient to renovate the entire building, but city manager Dan Parrott says it's just enough to begin the process.

"This money represents seed money, the money that will allow us to begin our process. What happens when you look at a prospect of this scope is the very first thing you have to have is some plans, some professional consultation. That's what this money will allow us to do."