City Meeting Turned Chaotic

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03-01-07 A special city council meeting set for Thursday evening in Colbert turned chaotic after a council member was taken to jail. The meeting was cancelled just ten minutes before it was set to begin.

Colbert city leaders were set to discuss the status of police chief John Polston as well as the new residence policy for officers.

"People are lying, people are cheating, people are doing anything to tear down our government right now," said Dick Rarrick, Colbert city administrator.

Council member Maurice Robinson was arrested ten minutes before the meeting was scheduled to begin.

"He was operating with a suspended license, and a foreign license," Polston said.

Once word of Robinson's arrest spread through city hall, Mayor Randall Gorman, and another council member stormed out of the building. That left only two members, and not enough for a quorum.

"That's a setup deal by the cops," Rarrick said. "It was very obvious."

Colbert police officers disagree, saying they are just enforcing the law. One officier on scene said Robinson's Oklahoma driver's license was suspended after a DUI. Robinson was driving with a valid Texas license, which is illegal.

Residents say, nevermind this incident, they've had enough of the controversy altogether.

"Right now it looks like an embarassment, it's usually a good place to live in," said Chance Wimberley, a Colbert residnent.

City leaders like Michelle Weger, a council member, and Rarrick, are just hoping to move on, hoping to resolve all the issues to work on city business.

Even with common goal for Colbert, the two engaged in a shouting match, accusing each other of unethical actions.

Robinson was taken to the Bryan County Jail whwere deputies say he will be issued two citations. One for driving with a revoked license, and another for driving with a foreign license because of his Texas driver's license. Both are misdemeanor charges.

No word yet on if Thursday night's meeting will be rescheduled.

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