Lone Grove wastewater plant meeting

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It's already been decided. The city of Lone Grove will build a new wastewater treatment plant. The question now is where to build the facility.

The debate was on at city hall Thursday night to weigh the pros and cons of 2 options. The meeting was designed for Lone Grove natives to speak their minds about where the plant will be built.

The debate is like deja vu for many. Seven years ago, the city bought land next to the Kenny addition to build the plant, but homeowners protested. That plan fell through.

One of the two options on the table this time around: A city-owned lot next to the Kenny Addition.

City Manager Maryann Elfert says the other site, 10 city-owned acres near Lone Grove High School, would end up costing an estimated $500,000 more. The site near the school sits at a higher elevation, which would require the installation of a lift station.

David Mordy, an attorney hired by Kenny Addition residents says the city will have to take the cost of a lawsuit into account if city leaders choose to build near his clients.

Council members say they're determined to come to a decision on a site at the next regular council meeting later this month.

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