School bond on ballot in Springer

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A new school bond is on the ballot in Springer, Oklahoma, that includes plans for new classrooms. If that bond passes, the elementary school could receive some much-needed upgrades.

Teachers and administrators see this possible upgrade as a long-term investment for the students. If approved, the $695,000 bond would man a property tax increase of just over two and a half cents.

Money from the increase would be used to pay for new classrooms for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten and for the elementary school. The package also includes new restrooms and overhead canopies.

Right now about 35 'pre-k' and kindergarten students share a small white building without a bathroom. The elementary building is crowded also, and the lack of space has also disrupted tutoring and other remedial programs.

Springer's superintendent, Rick Peters, says many of these problems will be eliminated if voters sign off on the bond.

"By the passing of this bond issue not only would we move and construct the new classrooms for our pre-k and kindergarten students, but that would free up the current classrooms for all these tutoring programs, so we would move them out of the closet and nooks and crannies into a place of their own."

Sixty percent of the voters will have to approve the issue for it to pass. The polls are set to open this Tuesday at the Springer Community Center.

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