Arrested Councilmember Tells His Side

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03-02-07 A Colbert city council member, arrested Thursday night now telling his side of the story. A special council meeting was cancelled after Maurice Robinson was arrested for driving with a suspended license, ten minutes before the meeting was set to begin.

Robinson said he spend more time in the back of a Colbert police car than he did in the Bryan County jail. He called the incident an embarassment that caused controversy aong the residents he was elected to serve.

After the cancelled city council meeting turned into a shouting match, a city council member was arrested minutes before the meeting was set to begin. He was handcuffed and sitting in the back of a squad car.

"It was hurting, the things were too tight around my wrist, my hands are still numb, so it wasn't good and it was kind of embarassing," Robinson said.

The soft-spoken council member and vice mayor said he received the DUI in 1986 when he lived in Oklahoma. He then moved to Denison for several years, which is why he has a valid Texas license.

Robinson moved back to Oklahoma driving with that Texas license.

When asked why he thought he was arrested so close to the start time of the meeting Robinson said, "To prevent me from coming to the meeting, to make sure the vote would go in their direction."

Among the items on the agenda Thursday night, discussion of enforcing the police residency ordinance in Colbert. The council was also set to discuss the possible termination of police chief John Polston.

Polston told KXII he couldn't comment on the situation under advice of his lawyer. Polston's lawyer did not return calls Friday afternoon.

City officials said they way the council is stacked, Robinson is usually the deciding vote in decision making.

"Even though the mayor votes last, my vote still, I'm like the odd man out," Robinson said. "I've always felt like I was in the middle and I always tried to do the best that I could."

While city hall was in a chaotic state, Robinson said he remained calm. He used his faith to keep perspective on the situation. Robinson serves as an associate pastor for a church in Denison.

"I was just trusting in God, knowing he would work it out," Robinson said.

While Robinson does not deny he was breaking the law, he has not plead guilty to the charges of driving with a suspended license and driving with a foreign license.

There's an investigation into the situation, to determine what the next step will be.

Colbert city officials say the meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday evening at 7:30 at the Colbert high school gym.

Bryan County Sheriff's deputies are scheduled to escort Robinson to the meeting.

Bryan Co. Sheriff Bill Sturch said he usually has his deputies write a ticket when people are pulled over with a suspended license, but not taken to jail.

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