Markl running for Sherman mayor

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03-02-07 With only a couple weeks left to file for upcoming mayoral elections, a veteran council member says it is time he steps up to the plate.

Sherman city council member John Markl says he is running for mayor.

Markl has served the city of Sherman for over 20 years, and has been on the city council for 10.

He says the recent turnover within the city has sparked his need to act, and hopes to return to a time when the city planned for the future, not just for the instant gratification of today.

"Think I'd like to bring the city back to a situation where the voice of the people are heard, voice of board and committees are heard, council initiatives are brought up to task and be forwarded as far as consensus and money will take us," Markl said.

Markl says his candidacy will have no affect on his current position on the council.

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