Moving to a kid-friendly beat

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Kidd Key Auditorium was all smiles Saturday afternoon, as concert-goers moved to the tunes of Imagination Movers, a group with kid-friendly songs in mind.

It looks like your typical rock concert with lights, and electric guitars. But these rockers have a slightly, younger audience of 4-8-year-olds.

"We try and have that big rock concert feel and that same kind of music but lyrically and content-wise aimed and geared towards the children," said Dave Poche, a member of the Imagination Movers.

The group members say they've played music for years, but decided to form a kid-friendly group five years ago. Their song ideas come from raising children of their own. The five members have eleven children between all of them.

"As our kids get older, our topics get older," said Rich Collins, a group member with four children. "It started with diaper changing, now we're getting into the school bus and school issues and things like that. So it's funny watching it happen. Pretty soon we'll be talking about college tuition."

Kids at the concert say they are 'movers,' a term used to describe fans of the group. One song talks about each day of the week, which helps one fan remember her days of the week.

"I think they're a good role model they give a positive message and I think it's great for the kids to hear more like that," said Lance Wright, a parent who admits he knows the words to most songs.

With songs like cleaning your room, and your favorite snack, the Imagination Movers keeps the crowd of youngsters jumping and singling along to a kid-friendly beat.

The event was to raise funds for a building for the Texoma Children's Museum. Their events are mobile now, but museum directors hope for a permanent home for the museum soon.

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