Rebuilding Arbuckle Wilderness - New Owner in Davis

3-3-04 - The Arbuckle Wilderness has been a tourist attraction near Davis for 25 years. But for the past decade, the wildlife park that once saw 200,000 visitors a year, now sees only 10 percent of that.

The park has endured bankruptcy, lawsuits, and several owners of late, but a former park employee who now owns it, hopes Arbuckle Wilderness can make a comeback. Vick Garrett is from Davis, and worked for the park in the late 1980?s.

He’s bringing in new animals, and constructing new park features and remodeling old ones to lure back the crowds. The drive-thru park has been open since 1979, and Garrett hopes to return it to those early days.

The new animals include camels, kangaroos, zebras and exotic birds. They hope to have the animals in by the end of the month but it could take around a year to get the park back in shape.