Sliger pleads guilty to kidnapping

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Two years after an Ada teenager was brutally murdered, murder charges are expected to be dropped against the man accused of aiding her kidnapper.

Faye Sliger's first trial ended with a hung jury last December. But today Sliger entered a blind plea and took responsibility for his role in kidnapping 16-year-old Caitlin Wooten.

After talking with Caitlin's family, assistant district attorney Chris Ross decided to offer Sliger a deal, dropping the murder charge in exchange for a guilty plea of kidnapping.

He said the Wooten family had been through enough and did not want to see Caitlin's death played out again in court.

This morning, Sliger stood before the judge and admitted Jerry Don Savage told him of his plans to kidnap Caitlin, and he loaned Savage his truck to spy on the teenager.

So instead of facing life in prison, Sliger is looking at up to ten years. That will be up to the judge.

Sliger will appear in court again on Thursday for sentencing.

The plea deal put an end to the civil suit the Wootens filed against Faye Sliger.

Sliger agreed to turn over all of his assets to the Wootens, which total about $800,000.

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