Oklahoma fire destroys 2,000 acres

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Fire officials say this year's fire season is not as bad as the last. But it could get worse if residents do not stop burning in dry weather.

Officials say several fires they have responded to in the last week have been the result of controlled burns getting out of hand, including one in Bryan County that has burned thousands of acres of land.

Volunteer fire officials say a controlled burn that got out of control has burned 2,000 acres of land in Blue, Oklahoma. The National Weather Service recently issued a waring for Southeastern Oklahoma for high fire danger over the next couple of days.

But officials say some residents are ignoring these warnings.

A fire on Robinson Road began as a controlled burn early yesterday morning. Fire officials say at two o'clock Sunday morning they thought the fire was still under control. It wasn't until later that evening problems quickly escalated.

Philadelphia Fire Chief Jon Jager says it appears the land owner who started the controlled burn did not follow proper procedures.

Jager says the owner did not notify the local fire department about the controlled burn. Most importantly he ignored fire danger warnings that had been issued for the area.

Officials say windy, dry weather conditions kept them struggling to contain today's fires.

Officials say problems increased because emergency crews still believed the fire was only a controlled burn.

This is the fifth reported controlled burn that has gotten out of hand in the last week, with this fire destroying 2,000 acres of land.

Several volunteer firefighters have attempted to control the fire, but today's high winds helped spread flames across the area.

As one fire truck and only two officials desperately tried to navigate form one place to the next.

Jager says controlled burns have put a huge strain on equipment as well as man power.

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