Grayson County Jail Project Findings

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03-05-07 It is now up to the Grayson County Commissioners to decide what to do with the jail.

Consultants from the independent consulting firm Pulitzer and Bogard presented the findings of their study on the jail to members of the Grayson County Community Monday night.

They say they jail needs more space since inmates are no longer being housed out of the county.

The jail also needs more high security beds, because the state requires inmates to be separated into high and low security categories.

"We need a new jail. We have a building that's worn out. We do need new space. Now, we're going to have to, if we stay where we are, with the current building, we're going to have to build additional space because we'll still be saddled with an older part of the jail that's got problems," Grayson County Sheriff Keith Gary said.

Grayson County Commissioners will now decide what steps to take, which may include a bond election to finance the jail project.

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