Ardmore school bond again an issue

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On April 3rd, Ardmore voters will be asked to consider a $13 million bond issue to build phase two of the Ardmore Elementary School, which would house every school in the district.

Similar measures have failed twice before, and now a determined group of residents are determined to defeat it once again.

Ardmore residents got the chance to tour Franklin Elementary tonight and see what poor conditions their kids are learning in.

That's why school officials are building a new school but a group of opponents are saying no to the proposal.

Don Schoeder and his family have lived in this house on Maxwell Avenue since the 1950's.

His kids went to school at Charles Evans, right across the street. When he heard that land was going to be the sight of Ardmore's new elementary school, he prepared to fight it.

"Thought about it quite a bit... concern is the traffic, where are cars going to go, bad enough getting out of my driveway now."

"Certainly understand position on that, awe inspiring thinking about that number of students."

Believe it or not, Don was not alone. Traffic topped Ardmore superintendent Ruth Ann Carr's list of concerns as well.

She left that up to the experts. The school brought in a traffic consultant to devise a plan.

The new site is designed to have separate loading zones for cars and buses. School administrators say the plan is to help prevent traffic issues.

They are also working with the city to extend Harris Street to Veteran's Boulevard and install four-way stops and traffic signals.

Despite all the planning, the decision once again lies in the hands of the voters who go to the polls in less than a month.