Controversy continues in Colbert

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03-05-07 The controversy continues in Colbert, Oklahoma.
City Leaders met in special session Tuesday.
Last week's meeting was postponed after a council member was arrested by Colbert Police.

The Colbert City Council meeting did happen Tuesday night as planned, but with fewer fireworks than at last Thursday's canceled meeting. The council made big decisions concerning the police in their second try.

Councilman Maurice Robinson was present this time. City leaders decided to fire police chief John Polston, but would not give a reason why.

In the meeting mayor Randall Gorman said Polston would have to surrender his vehicle, weapons, and any personal belongings by the

The council also reporter the city's financial crisis. The city clerk reported they are operating eight thousand dollars in the red and unable to pay for a police force.

The council decided to rely on only 2 full-time officers and an untold number of reserve officers. Those reservists would work without pay.

"The council made a decision based on what's best for the citizens and based on what the financials can allow us to do," Gorman said.

In addition to the bad news regarding the city ledger, some residents spoke out against council member Michelle Weger, saying they are unhappy with her work on the council.

Despite the dissension among the citizens, Weger said she takes the comments in stride.

"I know deep down in my heart what's true, and they do too," Weger said.

Polston did not have a comment Tuesday night, but his lawyer Tom Hadley said Polston plans on taking legal action in the matter. No word on when that will be.

The council appointed Wesley Krank as interim chief. A newly elected council will vote on a permanent chief in April.

The city ledger is also undergoing an audit to decide what is best for the financial situation.