Local Teen Killed - Car Plunges Into Icy Water

2-14-04 - This Valentines Day took a tragic turn near Lake Texoma, when a Denison teenager died after a car crashed into the lake. It happened at Randell Lake Road near the Denison Dam. 16 year old Kathryn Ewig, a sophomore at Denison high school, lost her life. She was on her way home from helping a friend with a flat tire around 5:30 on Saturday. Her boyfriend was driving, and the friend was in the back seat. Police believe the boy hit a slick patch of slush and slid off the road into the icy water. The car overturned at the shore line and went underwater. Ewig’s boyfriend and friend were able to swim to safety. Police don't yet know why Kathryn didn't make it out, but believe she likely drowned and may have been pinned by her seatbelt. An autopsy has been ordered. The Denison sophomore was described by those who knew her as a sweet young woman. Police say this appears to just be an accident and was probably directly related to the weather. Counselors will be on hand at Denison High School this week to help students cope with the loss. This is the second death at Denison this school year.