Bush Campaigns in Dallas with Hall

(Dallas-AP) -- President Bush says John Kerry was ready to
"gut" U-S intelligence during the '90s, but the senator's
campaign says he's consistently backed spending increases.
Speaking to GOP donors in Dallas, the president pointed to a
1995 Kerry proposal to trim intelligence spending by a billion
and a half dollars.
Bush called it "deeply irresponsible" and said, "That is no
way to lead a nation" in the war on terror.
But a Kerry spokeswoman says the cut was only in "bloat" that
would have benefited defense contractors. She says in the past
seven years, Kerry has backed an overall 50 percent boost in
intelligence spending.
Bush's attack came a day after the presumptive Democratic
nominee said the president is weakening national security by
"stonewalling" inquiries into 9-11 and the pre-war
intelligence on Iraq. The White House says Bush has fully