Texas pushes making photo ID required to vote

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Texas Republican Party chairwoman Tina Benkiser says that during the 2004 Presidential election one county in Texas had ten people cast 500 votes, and another had eight cast 300 votes.

That's why she feels having a photo ID to vote should not be optional. It should be the law.

Benkiser met with other Grayson County Republicans to discuss a new bill that would require voters in Texas to present a photo ID before they cast their ballot.

That includes a driver's license, passport, or any state issued form of identification.

The bill was introduced during the last legislative session but was rejected by the Senate.

Benkiser says that requiring voters to show a photo ID would eliminate voter fraud, which she says has been on the rise the last two elections.

"I think it's important that we safeguard our election process and make sure we have honest elections, and having a photo ID in order to vote will go a long way in doing that."

Benkiser says the bill will be discusses again during the legislative session, and she does not expect there to be any problems this time around.

She says a recent poll shows that 82% of Americans believe voters should have to show photo ID before casting their ballot.

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