New Highway Nearly Done

2-17-04 - After years in the works, the highway 82 expansion between Sherman and Bonham is nearly complete. But some businesses in the small towns along the old 82 route wonder what it will mean for their business. The $13 million project will complete the connection from Sherman to just north of Bells next month, but leave towns like Bells, Savoy and Ector out of the heavier traffic stream. Reaction to the move is mixed. One restaurant owner feels it won’t hurt their business, which relies heavily on local traffic. But employees at a convenience store in Bells say less traffic means less profits in the long run. Tex-Dot crews will begin to put the finishing touches on the new highway 82 this month. And for residents along the old route, they can’t wait. They say less traffic will mean an easier time getting out of their driveways, and a safer drive. Tex-dot says the highway switch should begin by mid-March.