Handling Angry Dogs

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They can be seen and heard at homes all across the area. Guard dogs keeping watch over the homes of their owners and keeping whatever is inside safe.

But sometimes, Grayson County Sheriff's Deputies and Investigators encounter these dogs during an investigation and using force is not out of the question.

Grayson County Sheriff's Investigators encountered three vicious dogs last month during an investigation. On that particular occasion, the three dogs were pepper sprayed, but that's not always the case.

"A lot of times if we're met, by a vicious dog, then we have no choice but to shoot," said Ricky Wheeler of the Grayson County Sheriff's Office.

Two times in the last five years, Grayson County deputies have had to shoot dogs. Other times, Animal Control was called in to apprehend the animals and take them to local shelters. Every measure is taken to make sure every deputy is safe.

"You're talking about a dog that if they bite can cause some serious damage, even paralysis," said Wheeler.

Wheeler says some of these dogs get aggressive by the way their owners treat them. At time, they have found animals chained to concrete slabs or big rubber tires. Grayson County has a leash law which states all dogs must be kept on the owners property. Most of the time, the dogs actions on the property may indicate some foul play inside the home.

"These dogs are having to pull concrete slabs and tires, then the owners put them in the homes when they leave. Those are things you need to watch for," said Wheeler.

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