DA Candidate Answers Claims of Racism

2-20-04 - A local district attorney candidate is answering allegations that he made racist comments 8 years ago. Roger White, who's running for DA in Cooke County, has come under fire during his campaign over several newspaper articles that ran in El Paso in 1996. Those articles quoted two witnesses who claimed they overheard a conversation between White, an assistant DA in El Paso County, and another lawyer. The witnesses claimed White said Hispanics were intellectually deficient and that the city of Juarez should be bombed. He also allegedly called for a return to the merit system run by the 'good old boy Anglos'. White was forced to resign after the publication. But today he told First News the comments were taken out of context and his words were twisted. White has since moved to Gainesville, and claims he’s not a racist, and not even racially insensitive. He happens to be married to an Hispanic woman. But at least one voter, who’s circulating copies of the articles in Gainesville, says if elected, White would not represent the interests of minorities. But one of his opponents, Nancy Manning, says she has never seen White act as a racist, and the alleged comments are in the past. White is running against two other candidates as a Republican. The statewide primary is March 9th.