Holocaust survivor shares his story at ECU

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ADA- After the Holocaust claimed the lives of his entire family, one 19-year-old Polish boy lived to tell about it.

His name is Michael Jacobs, and now more than sixty years later, he resides in Dallas.

Today he was on campus at East Central University in Ada to share his experiences with a younger generation.

Jacobs believes it is his mission to spread the truth about the massive slaughter of more than 11 million people at the hands of the Nazis almost 70 years ago.

Today, over 300 eighth graders gathered at ECU to hear his story.

Jacobs was just fourteen years old when the Nazi Army invaded Poland in September of 1939. Two months later he found himself inside a Nazi ghetto alongside his parents and five siblings because the family was Jewish.

Michael's family was killed in the Trebinka death camp, but he managed to survive, bearing the face of sacrifice.

After four and a half years and five concentration camps, American troops set him free.

Years later Michael planted his roots on U.S. soil where he founded the Dallas Memorial Center for Holocaust Survivors and raised his four children.

He says when he looks back at the past, he's not overcome with anger but filled with hope.

Michael believes he survived to tell his story so the spirit of those who perished will never be forgotten.

The students who heard his message today were from nine school districts in Pontotoc, Coal, and Johnston Counties.

All are members of Team Gear Up, a federally funded program designed to prepare students for college.

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