Water Meter Headache - Thing of the Past?

2-23-04 - Water bills can be a huge headache for a city and it’s customers. But those headaches could end if Sherman approves a switch to an electronic metering system. The plan, which comes with a price tag of $3 million, will be considered at an April council meeting. But those in favor of it say it would save the city thousands of dollars in man-hours each month. Right now, it takes an entire month for three city employees to read Sherman's 12,000 meters. The new system would use radio transmitters on meters to send signals to a city vehicle passing by on the street. The process would only take two days to read meters and it would eliminate many human errors. The billing process would also happen all at once, instead of the four billing cycles customers see now. The city council will decide on April 5th whether they want to approve the new system. It would take six months to install.