The gift of life

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If you have driven down Interstate 35 north of Ardmore lately, you may have seen David Hobbs' face on a roadside billboard.

Three years ago the words 'liver failure' never crossed David Hobbs mind until he got deathly ill, and the doctor told him his autoimmune disorder known as Crohn's disease had taken its toll.

Now this optometrist known for helping others see more clearly needed help himself.

For David, The Melscore System designed by the federal government to prioritize those awaiting a transplant works against him.

His doctor told him the system overlooks the way Crohn's Disease affects the liver and placed those with hepatitis C or alcoholism at the top of the list.

His best chance of getting a new organ is direct donation, meaning organ donors would have to name David as their recipient before they pass on.

Now David has made it his mission to educate others about the importance of organ donation, whether through his billboard, web site, or word of mouth.

He does this so that the other 92,000 Americans awaiting a new organ can give the gift of life.

The doctor says if he receives a new liver, this 60-year-old has thirty good years left in him.

He says he will continue to live life to the fullest until he gets that phone call.

Davis says it's not only important to check that box on your driver's license but also to discuss your wishes with family members. They have the final call.

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