Protest against proposed plant

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The permit for the proposed asphalt plant has been issued but that is not stopping opponents of the plant.

About thirty Grayson County residents and Austin College students gathered in downtown Sherman today to picket the plant's possible construction.

They say they are unhappy with the permit process and are concerned about the possible negative health and environmental effects.

"If it's all on the honor system and this plant has proven to us that it's not going to regulate itself then it just seems ludicrous that we would allow another one,” said Beth Shaw-Meadows, an Austin college student.

The picket lasted about three hours this afternoon.

Opponents to the plant have thirty days to file an appeal. That time frame started Monday. Protestors say they are working with two law firms to decide what legal action to take in the appeal process.

"For $900 dollars you can go down and get a permit for 10 years to use that as a shield you can emit stuff beyond what the EPA and the TCEQ will allow you to continue to do it under what they call volunteer compliance," said Jon Gaulding, a Grayson Co. resident. Gaulding is building a development less than a mile from the proposed site.

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